Shine to be Kind Facemask

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We here at Shine to be Kind understand and believe in a sustainable environment. That is why we encourage you to “wear with purpose”. Masks are mandatory now. If you are going to purchase one, why not make that choice an increasingly positive one? How can you do this, you ask? We have the answer! You can use your choice of clothing to spread awareness for an important cause! By purchasing our “Facemask” you are joining the ranks as a “Shine to be Kind Ambassador” and helping to make the world a more positive, aware, and may we say better place to live. AND not ONLY by wearing this item with pride are you doing all of this, but $5.00 from each facemask purchased will be donated to the CMHA - Simcoe County to ensure the help and information for #positivementalhealth is available to those in need.

Wear with pride, wear with positivity, wear with purpose.
MATERIAL: %100 Cotton
MATERIAL DETAILS: Machine Washable
The high quality fabric provides a lightweight but strong construction for comfortability and safety. Double layered for strength and support. Cotton coated elastic ear straps for flexibility.